ADC Academy A-Z: Caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover

Starter guide for Caitlyn pre rework. Covers the most basic of information, without getting into advanced mechanics. 

Next up on the AD Carry Academy from A-Z is Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. Her kit includes a passive that stacks after 7 auto attacks for an auto that will deal 150% of her auto attack damage to Champions or 250% to minions and monsters. This passive will stack at 2 stacks per auto attack when used in a bush. Her Q is called Piltover Peacemaker, which is a straight line damaging ability that decreases in damage based on how many enemies it goes through, her W is called Yordle Snap Trap, a stationary trap that snares a single target and deals damage over time. Her E is called 90 Caliber Net, which is a straight line damaging ability that can reposition her. Her ultimate, called Ace in the Hole, is a straight line, single target damaging ability that can be blocked by the target’s allies.

First 6 Skills points

Q/W -> Q/E -> W/E -> Q -> Q -> R

Ideal Item Pathing

Infinity Edge -> Bezerker Greaves -> Stattik Shiv/Phantom Dancer -> Bloodthirster/Last Whisper -> Guardian Angel/Randuin’s Omen/Banshee’s Veil -> Bloodthirster/Last Whisper

Explanation of item choice:

  • Infinity Edge: With Caitlyn’s headshot passive, the additional damage and more crit chance is a great asset.
  • Bezerker Greaves: Attack speed and movement speed, in a very inexpensive package.
  • Phantom Dancer / Stattik Shiv: This is player preference. Phantom Dancer makes for an easier Kite potential  with the passive of no unit collision. Stattik Shiv is good for pushing, as well as the additional crit chance with her passive. Stattik Shiv is the cost effective method.
  • Bloodthirster/Last Whisper: Again, this is player preference, as well as situational. If there is a lot of armor, then Last Whisper is the way to go. If there isn’t and you want some more damage, then Bloodthirster is your choice.
  • Guardian Angel / Randuin’s Omen / Banshee’s Veil: This is a determination of what is trying to kill you. If it’s a lot of burst but your team can get to you quickly, then Guardian Angel might be the way to go. If there’s one single initiation, Banshee’s Veil might be your choice. Randuin’s Omen is great if you are facing a full attack damage team as it helps with kiting, as well as defense.
  • Bloodthirster/Last Whisper: Which ever you didn’t pick up earlier, is the one you pick up now.

Ideal supports with good synergy

  1. Thresh: With Thresh there is a good amount of harass, and lock down for Caitlyn to get plenty of auto attacks to get off, and attack the enemy. His lock down and peel for Caitlyn is great, and makes this a very strong lane combination.
  2. Zyra: The range on both of their abilities makes this lane super obnoxious to lane against. Between Zyra’s plants and Caitlyn’s auto attack slow, you want to avoid getting caught out of position against this lane match up. Zyra snare, into a Caitlyn trap shows up for a good 3 seconds of Crowd Control.
  3. Janna: For a passive lane with great peel for Caitlyn, Janna is a great choice. With a shield to protect her from harass, tornados and slows for engage and disengage, and an ult to blow everyone away from her ADC, Janna shows up on our list of good support with synergy.

Laning Mechanics

If leashing for your jungler, stand in the bush and auto attack until your headshot is up. If you like your jungler, use your headshot, if not, head to lane, and use that head shot to harass the enemy champion, or to get your first creep score.

If not leashing, make sure your guarding for your jungler so that they keep their buffs safe.

During laning phase, try and use Piltover Peacemaker to farm, and just auto attack for harassing the enemy laners. Abuse your range and make sure that you stay in your minions. You have to work with your support to zone the enemy lane away from the minions. And if you manage everything correctly, you should never run out of mana.

Teamfight Mechanics

Auto attacking is your best friend. At early levels, and even later levels, you can get more auto attack in over your abilities like Piltover Peacemaker and Ace in the Hole. With Piltover Peacemaker being easy to side step, it’s better to combo it with your 90 Caliber Net to give yourself a better chance of hitting it. The way that some of Caitlyn’s abilities work, you can launch both 90 Caliber Net and Piltover Peacemaker at the same time. 90 Caliber Net’s movement can be cancelled by knockups and displacements, and never stop fighting someone to use Ace in the Hole unless they are running away from you. You lose out on a lot of damage against who you’re fighting


When playing Caitlyn you want to avoid the following team comps.

  • Hard engage team comps. The 90 Caliber net is great for repositioning, but it’s peeling potential is pretty negligible.
  • Late game team comps with Hyper carry ADC’s like Tristana or Vayne. While you do well early against both of them, Tristana’s range increases with her level, and Vayne’s damage will quickly outscale yours as she has True Damage.


Next in ADC Academy A-Z: Corki, the Daring Bombardier


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