Allstar Recap – 2013

Recap for 2013 Allstar Series. 

This weekend, the NA LCS team did their best against the other Allstar teams, put together from all the pro teams from their regions. From North America, we sent Dyrus from Team Solo Mid (TSM) as the top laner, Saintvicious from Curse as the Jungler, Scarra from Dignitas as mid laner, Doublelift from Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) as AD Carry, and Xpecial from TSM as the support.

Now to understand this, one must remember that this was the best of three games, even though NA never saw more than two matches played.


In the first game, we had Dyrus on Malphite, Xpecial on Janna, Saintvicious on ZAC, Scarra on Ryze, and Doublelift on Vayne. Seeing this pick, I personally thought that this was a guaranteed win for NA. I’ve heard plenty about Doublelift’s Vayne skills as well as having seen his Vayne play, and it was certain demonstrated in the match, but China’s team showed up with an early advantage, keeping NA from reaching too far into late game where Doublelift would have managed to single handedly carry the game. The team comp they faced was PDD on Rumble top lane, Troll in the jungle with Jarvan IV, Misaya mid lane with Zed, WeiXiao on Varus for AD carry, and XiaoXiao as Thresh for Support.

In game two, we saw everyone change champions, except for Xpecial and Dyrus who stayed on Janna and Malphite respectively. Saintvicious changed from ZAC to Volibear, Scarra was put on Diana, and Doublelift pulled out Urgot. This felt much like a troll pick from Doublelift, but proved to be entertaining, especially given that Urgot is very strong against most ADC’s in the early game. We watched the China LPL team take a majority of the NA LCS lineup from the game before, with PDD on ZAC top, Troll on Nasus jungle, Misaya on Ryze mid, WeiXiao on Vayne, with XiaoXiao on Sona for their ADC and Support. NA had a strong early game, and kept trying to push the advantage. When they tried to take Baron, Troll outsmited Saintvicious and in a badly cooridinated 5V5 dive, NA was aced in return for their aggression. Losing their gold advantage, NA lost the match, and was set to play against the Europe LCS the next day.

Europe LCS vs NA LCS

In game one we saw Dyrus on Rumble, Xpecial on Lulu, Saintvicious on Nautilus, Scarra on Karthus, and Doublelift on Graves.  EU ran sOAZ on Jayce top, Yellowpete on Miss Fortune for ADC, Diamond on ZAC in the jungle, Alex Ich on Twisted Fate mid lane, EDward on Elise for support. This was a tense match up as we watched NA take on EU with a lot of confidence, taking first blood on sOAZ. They kept going strong, fighting all the right fights. At one point, NA was down three members, and lost bot turrets, inhibitor, and both nexus turrets before being pushed back. During the next Baron fight, Doublelift and sOAZ both started a base race while their teams fought at Baron. Unlike Doublelift, sOAZ had a large minion wave, plus super minions waiting for him, allowing Dyrus to recall and pick up the kill before nexus went down. Baron was NA’s and it was a push to win for them.

In game two, we watched Dyrus on Renekton, Xpecial on Thresh, Saintvicious again on Nautilus, Scarra again on Karthus, and Doubelift on Ezreal (He did use the blue build, with Blade of the Ruined King, instead of Spirit of the Elder Lizard). sOAZ was on ZAC, Yellowpete on Varus, Diamond on Jarvan IV, Alex Ich on Jayce mid, and EDward on Lulu. The match was fight intensive, but the most memorable was the third fight at Baron, where Doublelift hung back and just fed the enemy team damage, chasing down people safely with all the crowd control blown on his team mates to secure the pentakill. This allowed them to back off and buy items, before NA started the push to win, advancing to the next match against Korea.

Korea Champions Team vs NA LCS

In game one, we see Dyrus on Diana, Xpecial on Lulu, Saintvicious on Nautilus, Scarra on Ryze, and Doublelift on Ezreal again. For the Korean team, we saw PraY on Caitlynn as ADC, MadLife on Thresh as support, Shy on Rumble as top lane, Amibition on Kennen as mid lane, and inSec as ZAC in the jungle. There were a lot of aggressive plays from Korea, showing a surrender vote at 22:51 from the NA team.

In game two, we watched Saintvicious on Nautilus again, Scarra on Diana, Dyrus on Kha’Zix, Doublelift on Graves, and Xpecial on Sona. Facing them from the Korean team was PraY on Caitlynn again, MadLife on Thresh, the same combo from the previous game, Shy on Ryze, Ambition on Kennen again, and inSec on ZAC. This game started off badly for NA with Dyrus getting distracted by the dancing mid lane, and in the process giving up first blood. This game did not go well for NA either, with Korea making all the correct plays, before acing them, and forcing the surrender.


It was a good effort put in by the entire team, and I have to say that I’m super proud of our guys for doing the best they could, and for Doublelift getting that Pentakill. NA may not have won, but it’s a pretty big thing to say that they got the only pentakill in an Allstar game, showing just how strong Doublelift as an AD carry really is with the right combination of team mates. Good job boys, and we’re glad you all went.